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Rodney Payne, Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Rodney Payne
CEO & Partner

Twitter: @rodneyp

Rodney is driven by the value that travel brings to people's lives. His diverse background in tourism taught him that...

destinations are the backbone of travel. Rodney co-founded Destination Think! to apply his creativity and love of innovation to destination marketing (and we’ve also put his Commerce and Law degrees to good use).

Rodney is a natural entrepreneur and his energy is contagious – often referred to as our engine. He has worked with a wide variety of destinations across the globe. His favourite part of the job is the sharing, exchanging and learning that come from meeting people in tourism, whether it’s talking in a boardroom or speaking at a conference. When he’s not at his desk, or on an airplane, you’ll find him outdoors kiteboarding or skiing.

Ben Vadasz, Partner

Ben Vadasz

Twitter: @benvadasz

As a co-founder of Destination Think!, Ben brought this company to life and works every day to...

guarantee its continued success by finding great opportunities for the team and delivering innovative proposals to our clients.

When he is not working, Ben loves any activity you can find outdoors. He will travel anywhere, anytime and make the most of any adventure.

He looks forward to the day he gets to meet you.

William Bakker, Chief Strategist & Partner

William Bakker
Chief Strategist & Partner

Twitter: @wilhelmus

William is a father, husband, geek and veteran Destination Marketer. Before joining Think! he...

worked at Tourism British Columbia for 11 years. William was born and raised in the Netherlands and lives in Canada.

As our Chief Strategist and keynote speaker, he moves between our offices a lot. His family loves to travel, and they often come along for the ride. His daughter even has her own travel blog. If you have heard William speak, you know he is a big Formula 1 fan. Some wonder if the reason he joined Destination Think! is to turn every F1 host destination into a client. You can read William’s thoughts on his blog wilhelmus.ca.

Holly Cuny, Chief Operating Officer

Holly Cuny
Chief Operations Officer

Twitter: @i_l_e_x

Holly works at Destination Think! for many reasons, but...

…one of the most important is the shared belief that travel can change the world. Because her international career and personal travel have so vastly altered her own world view, she wants to pass along that remarkable experience to others.

Holly guides operations at Destination Think! around the world and focuses on a top priority of ensuring the company provides clients with the best teams with the right skills and the highest quality results. This gives her many opportunities for a favorite pursuit: discovering solutions. Her other favorite pursuit: photography.

Dayna Szyndrowski, Chief Financial Officer

Dayna Szyndrowski
Chief Financial Officer


Joining the company in the fall of 2013, Dayna found herself on...

a team of skilled, experienced and passionate people working to bring bold ideas to the tourism industry. She is a Chartered Accountant and focuses on the financial activities that support this enthusiastic team and the growth of the business.

Aaron Nissen, Senior Strategic Consultant

Aaron Nissen
Senior Strategic Consultant

Twitter: @anissen

Aaron has worked in the tourism industry for 10 years and absolutely loves it. For him, it is...

an ideal situation where he can turn his passion for travel into work. He personally believes that travel makes the world a better place, and the more we travel, the more we learn about each other. He has an innate desire to experience new places and explore the world.

He is a huge tech geek and loves new gadgets, applications and social networks. He admits to spending entirely too much time online and cannot imagine a world without computers and the Internet. He is also the only Android user in the office.

  • Strategic consultation 90%
  • Business development 10%
Andrea Moreton, Account Team Lead

Andrea Moreton
Account Team Lead


During Andrea’s career, she has had the opportunity to work in a range of industries on multi-platform marketing campaigns and strategies. She quickly found her...

passion in the tourism sector which led her to Destination Think!.

Andrea has always held the desire to travel and experience new things. After graduating, she booked a one-way ticket and moved from Ontario to Alberta where she lived for six years and quickly fell in love with the mountains. Her next adventure has taken her and her husband to Australia where she can be found either at a CrossFit class, hiking or on the beach.

  • Account management 35%
  • Strategy development 25%
  • Project management 20%
  • Marketing implementation 10%
  • Team mentoring 10%
David Archer, Marketing Manager

David Archer
Marketing Manager

Twitter: @davidbarcher

Fusing tourism and hospitality experience with diverse content creation skills, David brings a potent mix of...

creativity and customer service to the Think! team. His passion for travel first grew while working in hotels as a bellman, pianist, and social media leader.

For David, travel is always a learning experience, and he seeks to better understand other people, places, and cultures. He says that the best part of Think! is the level of trust within the team, which leads to amazing work and endless collaboration. David is also a published composer, frequently writing music for choirs. Visit his blog and hear music at soundstone.ca.

  • Content marketing 40%
  • Corporate marketing 40%
  • Marketing implementation 20%
Frank Cuypers, Senior Strategic Consultant

Frank Cuypers
Senior Strategic Consultant

Twitter: @fcuypers

Frank has gained management and marketing wisdom in media, the cultural sector and tourism. Before joining Destination Think!, he was...

consulting for four years on the complete makeover of a DMO. He also teaches marketing at a university in Antwerp, Belgium.

Frank is addicted to the development and marketing of cities. To feed that addiction, he has advised several cities, both in policy and marketing. He is particularly intrigued by Berlin, the ever unfinished city.

As a strategist, Frank loves to ask questions. If you work with him, you are likely to hear: Why are people confusing marketing with promotion? What is the point of digital transformation without human transformation? How can you market your city without engaging your citizens?

  • Strategic consultation 90%
  • Business development 10%
Hannah Kelly, Client Strategist

Hannah Kelly
Client Strategist


Hannah began her career in Ireland working across a multitude of advertising accounts in the financial, charity and retail sectors. Here is where she first...

learned to push boundaries with exceptional creative ideas.

Unable to ignore the traveller inside who was fighting to get out, Hannah booked a ticket to Canada, spent six months exploring British Columbia and discovered Destination Think!, an agency that shares her passion for creative marketing and how a never-ending bucket list of places to see and people to meet is a staple in life.

When she is not in the office talking tourism, you will find her at the beach, in the mountains or planning her next big trip.

  • Account management 30%
  • Strategy development 30%
  • Project management 30%
  • Project implementation 10%
John Freeman, Content Analyst

John Freeman
Content Analyst


John’s specialty is working with clients to elevate reach, engagement and visibility of destinations. An advocate for...

mixing pop culture, wit, timeliness and selective images into posts, he takes pride in building online communities through engaging content. The inventor of the Scroll Test for image choice and the Would Mom Like This filter for content selection (you’ll have to ask him), John simplifies community management and uses creative tactics to construct active audiences.

Formerly on the DMO side, John embraces the challenges of tourism bureaus looking to commit resources into content marketing.

  • Content marketing 50%
  • Research and analysis 40%
  • Marketing implementation 10%
Katie Shriner, Marketing Manager

Katie Shriner
Marketing Manager

Twitter: @katieshriner

Katie loves collecting and that is why she loves to travel. Every destination offers the chance to hunt...

and gather treasure. She has photographed oceans and skies, scribbled drawings of towns and cities, and filled blogs with memories of New York – her favourite place in the world.

Katie loves working in tourism, because it is a place where happy memories are collected and exchanged. Seeing happy memories online has a way of making everyone want to try something new and maybe a little bit impulsive (like flying from Finland to Argentina after seeing your friend having way too much fun).

  • Content marketing 70%
  • Marketing implementation 10%
  • Research 10%
  • Project management 10%
Kelly Cubbon, Marketing Specialist

Kelly Cubbon
Marketing Specialist


Kelly has been planning itineraries and keeping a journal from the age of 8, having been fortunate enough to...

grow up in a globetrotting family. Working in the travel industry is a dream come true that allows her to merge a love of history, geography, storytelling, and memory-sharing. Her role at Destination Think! allows her to learn and ask critical questions every day – something she does not take for granted. Kelly is passionate about discussing how ethical travel enables us to learn about our position and responsibilities in the world.

Some of her most memorable travel experiences involve road tripping through Turkey, ending a European adventure in Bosnia, and an unforgettable safari journey through the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. A firm believer in exploring destinations on foot, the first thing Kelly does when she arrives somewhere new is seek the highest vantage point to get her bearings…and let the thrill of arrival override the jet lag.

  • Content management 50%
  • Marketing implementation 25%
  • Research 25%
Lindsay Payne, Production & Network Lead

Lindsay Payne
Production & Network Lead

Twitter: @lindsayepayne

Lindsay believes that strong project management is the glue that helps big ideas become a reality. She has taken years of...

project management and event management experience on the road since 2012, as she oversees Destination Think!’s own marketing and our network of specialty marketing experts in Europe, Australia and North America.

Countless hours on the soccer field have taught Lindsay the importance of team collaboration. She embraces the challenge of working across many cultures and time zones. Her attitude towards deep personal relationships is right at the center of her professional endeavors.

  • Corporate marketing 40%
  • Project management 25%
  • Expert network management 25%
  • Team mentoring 10%
Marthe Nordahl, Client Strategist

Marthe Nordahl
Client Strategist


At Destination Think! Marthe combines her organizational talent with a worship for teamwork and a ton of enthusiasm. She is firm...

believer that problems are there to be solved and applies her top-level communication and strategic thinking skills to successfully guide clients and manage projects across Europe.

Marthe’s favorite thing about traveling is that it opens minds and widens perspectives. Learning from others about values and respect has humbled her and inspired her quest for lifelong learning.

When Marthe isn’t busy planning her next trip, you’ll find her outside: running, cross-country skiing or snowboarding. Just keeping busy…

  • Account management 30%
  • Strategy development 30%
  • Project management 30%
  • Project implementation 10%
Mitch Morgan, Art & Design Director

Mitch Morgan
Art & Design Director


Mitch is an award-winning designer with extensive experience working with leading tourism brands, including...

Tourism and Events Queensland, Destination British Columbia, Banff, The Rockies, Tourism Calgary, Southern Norway and many more.

He has a master’s degree in animation and a personal passion for motion graphics that have fueled his obsession to experiment with new and developing technologies to create design solutions that deliver measurable returns in fresh and surprising ways.

  • Art direction 33%
  • Branding 33%
  • Art and design production 33%
Nat Shelhot, Project Manager

Nat Shelhot
Project Manager


With extensive experience in relationship marketing, Nat has applied her knowledge and played an integral part in...

planning and executing targeted and relevant campaigns to millions of customers throughout her career. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and comes from a loyalty marketing background, giving her the skills needed to make and maintain client relationships. When she’s not travelling, Nat is dreaming about her next destination! Balancing her online presence with her passion for adventure makes her a perfect fit for the Think! Team.

  • Project management 90%
  • Project implementation 10%
Paul Cubbon, Training Designer & e-Marketing Consultant

Paul Cubbon
Training Designer & e-Marketing Consultant

Paul knows that the best things in life come from serendipitous human encounters in unplanned travel escapades. He lives life...

big and loud. He met his Canadian wife in an elephant reserve in Zimbabwe, found Tofino before it was on the tourist map, accidentally stayed (with his wife) at a brothel in northern Thailand (pre-social, those guidebooks were sometimes behind on change!), and took his kids out of school for 3-months to show them around Australia.

As a 30-year marketing professional, and university educator, Paul has a passion for understanding human behaviour and decision-making, and how to harness influence in peer networks. He is experimental and likes nothing better than designing disruptive tests that enhance customer experience and delight.

  • Strategic consultation 100%
Pauline Jarrett, Bookkeeper

Pauline Jarrett


Pauline has been involved in the accounting industry for the better part of the last 30 years. Before joining the...

Destination Think! team in July 2011, Pauline had run a successful bookkeeping business for 7 years and owned and ran a deli for 5 years prior to that. In between, she and her husband of almost 30+ years raised two boys.

Aside from her work at Destination Think!, which she finds exciting and energetic, her passions are cooking for family and friends and traveling. Now that her boys have moved out, she’s ready to spend more time travelling, and she knows she can always get the inside scoop on destinations from our clients.

  • Financial management 100%
Sara Raymond, Marketing Team Lead

Sara Raymond
Marketing Team Lead

Twitter: @sarakate1

Sara’s favorite part of working in tourism is being able to learn about new destinations while meeting colleagues from all over the world. She gets excited about...

youth travel projects and loves having a flexible environment at Destination Think! to travel as she works. Her favorite campaigns to date have involved helping DMOs create video content and building communities on Instagram.

Sara’s favorite travel spots are Australia, Northern England and Hawaii with a wish list packed full of archaeological sites, (dormant) volcanoes, strange animals and anywhere that can offer a decent slice of pizza. She prefers the window seat.

  • Content marketing 70%
  • Marketing implementation 20%
  • Team mentoring 10%
Stephanie Asante, Bookkeeper

Stephanie Asante


Stephanie manages financial and administrative tasks for the European market. She is a...

mother of two daughters, and she loves to cook international food for her family and friends. Dishes from Ghana, Curacao, Haiti and Surinam are her favorites. Weekends for Stephanie means family, bootcamp, trying out new recipes and church.

  • Financial management 100%

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