Toerisme Gelderland engaged us in 2013 for strategy development and community management. As a destination, Gelderland is committed to brand and niche marketing in a modern, consumer-focused way. Through our collaborative and focused strategic process, in 2014 we developed the incredible concept: 5000KM Gelderse Streken for them in 2015. This campaign featured a strong, integrated marketing approach that was supported by radio, PR and TV in order to promote the unique biking product within the Dutch region. The campaign, which sought a socially savvy person to spend a summer cycling across all of Gelderland’s bike paths and blog about it, was designed to cut through the noise and gain domestic media attention.

After a nationwide search, attracting almost 900 submissions (including a former-Olympian), an ambassador was selected. She committed to riding the 5,000km of bike paths in a span of 100 days and to blog, live-stream and conduct interviews every day. Partners and stakeholders were included in all of our media, digital, online content and social media strategies, and the community at large followed and engaged with our ambassador on a bespoke website, or via the TV, radio and print that came out of PR efforts.

Project Details

Client: Toerisme Gelderland
Country: Netherlands
Date: 2014-2015

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We have been working with Destination Think! since 2013 and our collaboration has come a long way, from standalone social campaigns to an integrated consumer engagement strategy. Think! not only showed us what is happening in the world of destination management, but also held a mirror to let us see what we were already doing and could improve or integrate with some simple steps. Together, we have grown and developed not just our marketing activities and campaigns but our marketing vision and strategy for the long term.

Sharon Suppers

(formerly) Project Manager, Toerisme Gelderland