We began working with Destination Cleveland in 2014, when we developed a consumer engagement campaign designed to increase positive word-of-mouth about Cleveland through influencer marketing. This campaign matched key influencers from Cleveland’s target markets and niches with local advocates and the tourism industry, in order to engage consumers through the content they produced.

The local advocates became brand ambassadors for Cleveland, and were matched with visiting bloggers from the same niche. The locals developed itineraries based on the shared interests of their visitors, and around their favorite experiences. Visiting influencers were guaranteed an authentic experience (their enthusiasm for this showed in the tone and volume of content created), and by working with local bloggers, we strengthened ties with Cleveland advocates and created additional in-market content to be used across Cleveland’s channels.

Project Details

Client: Destination Cleveland
Country: United States
Date: 2014-present
View: thisiscleveland.com

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